New pool owner

Congratulations on becoming a pool owner! Learn how to get
the most out of your new pool by keeping it clean and clear.

  • Opening your pool

    Sure, filling your pool with water is one of the first steps, but there’s more to it than that. Make sure the water is balanced and stabilized so your dreamy new addition doesn’t become a nightmare.

    Check out our pool opening tips for the essentials to getting your pool ready for the season.

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  • Maintaining your pool

    Once your pool is up and running, you have to balance the water and follow a maintenance schedule.

    Not sure where to start? hth® is here to help! Use our easy-to-follow chart to find the ideal water balance levels and product recommendations for your pool.

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  • Fixing your water

    After you’ve tested your water, our online tool can help you diagnose pool water problems and find the chemicals you need to resolve them.

    How-to videos, step-by-step instructions and other common pool problem solutions are just a click away!

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  • Closing your pool

    Much like opening your pool means more than just filling it with water, close your pool involves more than just putting a cover on.

    hth® is here to help with step-by-step instructions for properly closing your pool and maintaining the equipment and surfaces in good condition.

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Testing Your Water

Regularly testing your water is an important part of any maintenance routine. hth® pool care offers easy-to-use test kits and online water testing tools to make the process simple and fun.

Download our hth® Test to Swim® app or visit here for online water-testing!

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