How to Balance your Spa Water Chart


Balance water chart

To ensure your water is balanced we have created the following chart with suggested hth Spa™ Care Products, which deliver optimal product performance, comfort and crystal clear water.


What is it?

When to test

Ideal Range

Product used to adjust levels


A measure of the water's acidity

Every day

7.2-7.6 when using chlorine 7.2-7.8 when using bromine

hth Spa™ pH Increaser or hth Spa™ pH Decreaser

Free Available Chlorine (FAC)

The amount of active chlorine in the water

Every day

3-5 ppm when using chlorine

hth Spa® Chlorinating Granules and hth Spa® Oxidizer

Bromine residual

The amount of bromine sanitizer in the water

Every day

2-4 ppm when using bromine

hth Spa® Brominating Tablets

hth® Spa Bromide

hth® Spa Bromide Activator

Total Alkalinity (TA)

The water's ability to keep pH at a proper level

Once a week

60-120 ppm

hth Spa® Alkalinity Increaser or

hth Spa® pH Decreaser

Total Hardness (TH)

The amount of dissolved calcium in the water

Once a week

Acceptable: 200-800 ppm, Ideal: 200-500 ppm

HTH® Spa Alkalinity Increaser

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