Corrosion of Metal Parts, Damage to Pool Surfaces

Corrosion of Metal Parts, Damage to Pool Surfaces

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The Problem

Corrosive water can damage metal components, cause stains or discolored water, pitting and erosion of plaster and concrete surfaces, and wrinkles in vinyl liners. Low pH is a primary factor in corrosive water, especially for metals and vinyl liners. But low TA and low CH also contribute to corrosive water, especially for plaster and concrete surfaces.

Recommended solutions

      Preventative maintenance

      • Maintain proper water balance; pH, TA and CH.
      • Monitor pH daily.

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      Please read the following important reminders before adding pool chemicals to water:

      • NEVER mix products together or dissolve before use.

      • ONLY enter pool when FAC levels are below 4 ppm to prevent risk of bodily harm.