hth® green to blue shock treatment kit

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At the start of the season, or if a severe algae bloom occurs during the season, the pool can be treated and returned to its clear blue appearance within 24 hours by using the hth® super green to blue shock system. hth® super green to blue II is a flocculant that will help clear your pool by dropping particles to the bottom of your pool.

  • One pouch per 10,000 gallons
  • Compatible with Salt Systems

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Note before purchasing: 

This product may not be right for every pool - it is not designed to work with pools that cannot vacuum to waste. Make sure that you have the ability to vacuum the debris out of your pool without it passing through the filter. Read all label directions carefully before using this product.

When you open your pool (or anytime during the season) and your water looks like a bowl of pea soup, hth® Super green to blue shock system will return your pool to it's splashiest blue in 24 hours! hth® Super green to blue pack I kills bacteria and algae that have invaded your pool and the hth® Super green to blue pack II settles the fine particles to the bottom of the pool and make it easy to vacuum the settled debris to waste.

- Kills bacteria & algae
- Won't fade liner when used as directed
- Crystal clear results in 24 hours
- Reduces eye irritation caused by swimming pool water

- Transforms water from green to blue in 24 hours
- Drops particles to bottom of pool
- Makes particles easy to vacuum to waste